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CoSEM Module Map 2019-2020

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First Year

First PeriodSecond PeriodThird PeriodFourth Period
SEN112 (5 EC)
Complex Systems Engineering
(M.E. Warnier)
SEN114 (5 EC)
Managing Multi-actor Decision Making
(B.M. Steenhuisen)
SEN115 (5 EC)
Law and Institutions
(J.M. Kooijman)
SEN116 (5 EC)
Design Project
(M.P.M. Ruijgh-van der Ploeg)
SEN113 (3 EC)
Institutional Economics for Designing in Socio-technical Systems
(R.W. Kunneke)
(one of the two courses below)
(one of the two courses below)
SEN131 (5 EC)
CoSEM Research Challenges
(J. Ubacht)

(see below)

(see below)

(see below)

(see below)

  SEN111 (2 EC) Introduction to Design in Complex Systems (M.P.M. Ruijgh-van der Ploeg)
SEN121 (5 EC)
Agent-based Modelling
(I. Nikolic)
SEN123 (5 EC)
Mixed Research Methods for Multi-actor Systems
(G. Bekebrede)
SEN122 (5 EC)
Statistical Analysis of Choice Behaviour
(C.G. Chorus)
SEN124 (5 EC)
Design in Networked Systems
(M.E. Warnier)
ESEN151 (5 EC)
Engineering Optimization and Integrating Renewables in Electricity Markets
(Z. Lukszo)
SEN152 (5 EC)
Electricity and Gas: Market Design and Policy Issues
(L.J. de Vries)
SEN153 (5 EC)
Design of Integrated Energy Systems
(E.J.L. Chappin)
SEN154 (5 EC)
Sociotechnology of Future Energy Systems
(D.J. Scholten)
I&CSEN161 (5 EC)
I&C Architecture Design
(M.F.W.H.A. Janssen)
SEN162 (5 EC)
I&C Service Design
(Y. Ding)
SEN163 (5 EC)
Fundamentals of Data Analytics
(T. Fiebig )
SEN164 (5 EC)
Integrated Design of I&C Architectures
(J. Ubacht)
T&LSEN171 (5 EC)
Advanced Evaluation Methods for Transport Policy Decision-making
(N. Mouter)
SEN172 (5 EC)
Travel Behaviour Research
(M. Kroesen)
SEN173 (5 EC)
Analysis and Design of Freight and Logistic Systems
(L.A. Tavasszy)
SEN174 (5 EC)
Innovations in Transport and Logistics
(J.A. Annema)

Second Year

First PeriodSecond PeriodThird PeriodFourth Period

Electives Package
(15 EC)

SEN232 (5 EC)
Master Thesis Preparation
(J. Ubacht)
SEN233 (30 EC)
CoSEM Master Thesis
(J. Ubacht)

Track Electives
(10 EC)